OrientationWhere do I start?

The designer allowed me to look at six sample online classes. They are very different. At first, I was a little overwhelmed. But then I found the design I like, and I pretty much have my courses modeled after that. - Joanne Christopherson (UC Irvine)

Orientation: where do I start?

Creating a new online course can be challenging. Some online courses may already have face-to-face versions. Some online courses are brand-new courses. How do you get started? Learning outcomes, course materials and learning activities, and assessment strategies are the key components for an online course. During the offering, faculty play different roles to maintain social presence and engage students.


  • Recall the general steps to follow when developing a new online course.
  • Describe the roles faculty members play in an online course.
  • Explain the value in seeking assistance from instructional designers, colleagues, and online resources.

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