StructureWhat will my course look like?

A course should be pleasing and something that a student wants to enter. Requirements for the class should be clear. For assignments and tests, I’m very specific about the types of answers that I want, and in some cases I give examples of good and poor answers. - Russell Roberson (University of Wisconsin-Parkside)

Structure: what will my course looks like?

Just as in a face-to-face course, you can organize an online one by modules, units, lessons, or weeks. The syllabus for an online course should contain general course information, textbook or resource details, faculty information, a course calendar, and the grading policy and scheme. You want to make sure communication expectations and course structure are clearly stated. This information will provide students with a road map for success and helps them achieve their learning goals. However, the online world allows for a great deal of flexibility in the presentation of such materials.


  • Design a typical course layout for an online course.
  • Create an online course syllabus.
  • Organize learning activities for each unit or module.

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